Personality Profile

Personality Profile


Best Advice ever Received:Rock"n"roll will never die!

Biggest Thrill in Life:Being a Rocker and getting to wrestle Shawn Michaels

If I could Have Done It Differently:I would never have given David Cassidy the secret to having a good hair day-every day!

Favorite Movie:Fast Times at Ridemont High

Favorite Actress:Eve Plumb.That's Jan Brady for you younger teeny boppers!

Favorite Actor:Barry Willams.That's Greg Brady for you younger teeny boppers!

Favrite Telvision Show:The Brady Bunch,The Partridge Family and Dance Fever

Favorite Band:The Monkees,is there anyone else?

Hobbies:Rock"n"rol,playing air guitar,playing pogs and collecting 8-tracks

Secret Talent:I'm a gret dancer

Favorite Sport(besides Wrestling):Roller Dorby

Favorite Athlete:Marty Jannetty

Favorite Fast Food:Hamburgers and French fries

Favorite Cartoon Character:The Tick,He's so cool

Favorite Food:Pizza

Favorite Video Game:Space Invaders and Asteroids

Person You Would Most Like to Meet:Barry Williams

WWF Magazine July 1996